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Camp NaNoWriMo
In restarting Native as a novel, I'm feeling a little intimidated by the task of establishing the story again. Do I start, for the third time, with the same opening sentence? Do I use characters and events in the same way?

I've been working on an outline and trying to organize myself so I have a guide as I write through it (again), but I'm starting to wonder if more interesting things wouldn't happen if I just sat down and plunked at it 'from scratch.' I find myself trying to 'follow' the second version as closely as I can, but it feels a little stiff and awkward. Of course, that's in outline form, which isn't supposed to necessarily feel like prose, but it's not exciting my mind to read the outline. It looks full of holes. Again, it's not supposed to be too tight or there's certain to be chaos when I try to make my characters follow along, but...

If I write loosely this time there's always the re-write for reconciling the two versions, but maybe it's just because I'm forgetting my intent in portions of the second comic version. If I re-read that script and follow the notes I left myself, the outline might not feel like someone else's recipe.

Anyway, just thoughts on the fly as I christen the new journal name.