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Camp NaNoWriMo Update
Camp NaNoWriMo
So my word count is currently behind. I'm at 15,300-something when today's quota is 20,000 words. Ouch. Guess that snow storm that knocked out the power for 8 days in November was kinda pivotal to my success. With electricity humming along there are so many distractions! I can't even wish for a storm because now we own a generator. ;)

Last week I ordered a set of the Camp NaNoWriMo merit badge patches. Yesterday they arrived and I now can look forward to avoiding my writing by sewing them onto... something. If the stickers were still available they'd go onto my project binder, but patches need to be sewn. Trying to figure out if my silver eMate bag will fit the MacBookPro I've taken to using. If so, that's a great background for the patches. If not.. well my plaid purple shoulder bag may be a bit too loud. I suppose I could sew them to the sleeve of the Camp NaNoWriMo t-shirt I got, if all else fails.
  • Secret Noveling - Check! Shh! Don't tell!
  • Procrastination - Oh my, check. Saturday was supposed to be a rally day, but I ended up cleaning out the kitchen pantry. I swear I was just trying to make a grocery list. We ended up with 5 ultra sized black bags of expired food, and a new appreciation for how wasteful we are as a culture.
  • NaNo Socializing - Check! Friday I participated in an online write-in. Word wars didn't happen unless you count us just occasionally mentioning how many words we'd typed during the session. Might try for the Camp chat tomorrow night, but I also have to pack for weekend travel.
  • Creative Nonfiction - Check! Maisy's name is a single-letter switch from the friend who is the official leader of the Dug fan club. ;) Also, Euphemia's name is taken from a gravestone I park in front of whenever I go to the post office.
  • Word-Count Padding - Check! In addition to occasionally leaving a run-on sentence as-is instead of snipping it in two, just to preserve the ", but" or ", and" that holds it together, I also write myself notes in the documents [Like this] so I remember where I left off, or to have a conversation with myself about where I want to take the scene next. I've also left in two sections I'm almost positive will get cut, just because they were technically words written for my story during NaNoWriMo.
  • Rally DayCheck! Got this to more than make up for getting a few days behind. Deficit was overcome at 3,000-ish words, then went on because, why not?.
  • Eureka Moment - Check(ish). Well I've had one mini "a ha!" moment, and if that's the only one I have, we'll count it, but I'm kinda hoping for a bigger one for some plot-bridging that needs doing further up the line.
  • Caffeine Abuse - (n/a) Shamefully I have not yet done this. Perhaps this Thursday night, if my husband decides there's no point in going to bed before getting up for an 8am flight on Friday.
  • 50,000 Word Victory - (n/a) Expect that this will not be a problem.
  • Random Ending - (n/a) I may have to write a really random one just in case people don't think my planned ending is random enough. Something about crinkle fries and a giant beetle?