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Summer Camp Drop Out
Camp NaNoWriMo
Well, I didn't get to 50K before the end of June. 
I had so many things going on this month it was really tough and, even though every time I wrote I had pretty good rallies, they just didn't add up to enough. I'm disappointed, but the only thing riding on it was pride. 
I would NOT have been able to contain all of Native in 50K anyway; that was quickly determined as I compared my percentage of the total goal with the percentage of the plot I had written. 
I think it's really going to end up somewhere around 125K, if not more. I'm more of a tome writer, I think, than a novelist. I output a PDF in case my husband wanted to catch up while I was away this weekend and it was only 85 pages. That was laughable to me. I'd read that in one sitting! And that was at 42K.
I've decided to allow myself to continue to earn the NaNo badges, despite being past the end of June. (I would have earned caffeine abuse this weekend but I didn't actually write. :P) I don't want to wait til August to write again, nor do I think I want to write a sequel - at least not before the first draft has been rewritten! So to earn my badges, I'll try to catch up to 50K as soon as I can and then write 1700 a day until it's done. I have a few days off this week so another caffeine binge isn't out of the question.
At least now maybe I'll relax into the scenes a bit and things will feel as organic as they did at the start when I had a whole month and no concerns. On the other hand, July doesn't really promise to be any less distracting, and I do really need to focus on some other things I've been putting off.