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9 Days to NaNo
Native - Gears

There is just a week and change until NaNoWriMo'13. I am both looking forward to a month of writing and, well, dreading it. October has been such a hectic month for me. I don't know if I'll get to take that mental "inhale" before plunging into the icy waters of fevered writing. Icy waters of fevered writing? Oh, now I know I'm not ready!

I have three trusted friends reading the first manuscript right now. I expect at least one of them to be done before the first, at their current pace. I hope that their feedback gives me a firm direction in whether the overall story needs as much reworking as I think it does, or whether the story just needs revisions.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a big event on the 2nd of November that I can't really commit to starting on time with NaNo, and then of course it's difficult to say I'll be on target at any point. I was planning to work on the outline before then, but I really need to focus on just my test until my test is over. Then I can look at my story. Until then I just get manic trying to focus on all projects equally, and get nowhere.

I am reading a bunch of books on writing at the moment, trying to get some fresh inspiration and ways to look at it. Maybe I should be reading my Martial Arts textbook, lest I only be able to answer questions on outlines and plot devices at my test.

So this is an update to say that I'm not doing anything with my story right now, and to complain about how hard it is for me.

Look for another update on November 2nd. I expect that update will also not be about much, since I'll be needing to get to work!