Outer Space Steampunk

This is the process journal of my novel. I began work on the book in late 2003, and am continuously working towards its completion.

In late Summer, 2011, I had an epiphany. The story was killing my artistic spirit. I started it on a whim and though I worked for years on the plot and the pages, if I was to ever complete this story, I had to go backward. Back to the beginning, it is being completely rebooted. Fans will recognize only glimpses of the original, but I hope we can all agree the story is more interesting, and be excited to see where the new storyline will go.

The graphic novel has been left behind, though there will undoubtedly be artwork to accompany the story. The written novel will be approximately 125K words, and will likely be self published upon completion. My goal is not to be a career writer, but to see this story through to the end and then share it!